Consider These Ten Things About Your Dreams

We all dream whether we remember them or not. Set your intention to remember when going to sleep, lie still upon awakening and ask yourself what was happening before you realized you were awake. Write down the dream before getting out of bed. Dream fragments have value and should not be ignored. Always approach your […]

Fifteen Things to Know About Meditation

The basic meditation method is simple: once the mind has strayed to unwanted thinking, have your attention return to the chosen meditation content, e.g. your breath, mantra, or prayer. Repeat this continuously. Similar to the way the mind’s eye “sees” objects and events, your mind’s ear “hears” your thoughts. With consistent meditation all thoughts will […]

Ten Useful Ways to Think About Human Behavior and Change

All behavior is motivated by habitual beliefs and feelings resulting in repeated patterns of action that will occur in situations that share common characteristics. Motivation is overrated, the consequence or effect of one’s actions provides as much useful information. And taken together motivation and effect provide the best means to understand behavior. Regardless of whether […]