Ten Ways to Use Prayer

Resist praying when you want something from God. Have faith God already knows what you want and need, and it will come your way when the time is right.

Pray repetitively those prayers that touch your spirit. Mantras, chants, aphorisms, poetry, all words of beauty and truth will do.

Because it is a better thing for your mind to do than jump around restlessly on mundane topics, pray as a means of reminding yourself of your true nature and purpose.

Pray with the intention of centering yourself to become one with your God. Prayer is one of the best ways to experience the Spirit within.

Pray, chant, and meditate with others as a means of belonging and participating in a spiritual community.

Pray whenever you become aware that you are thinking or behaving badly. The purification of what you wish changed occurs as soon as you begin to pray.

Pray when you want to know more about God. It is through the contemplative nature of mind and heart in prayer that God’s character and ways are revealed to us.

Resist praying episodically for answers about your life or what to do next. By refraining from doing so you require yourself to remain consistently close to Spirit and Spirit’s continuous guidance.

Pray for God to intercede on others’ behalf. Occasionally petition for a needed blessing, but always to become one with God regarding the person, their experience, and God’s will in the matter.

Pray for peace in all times of fear so that you may be a loving force on earth.

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