Six Indications Your Spiritual Community is Right for You

All members of the community identify with the stated religious or spiritual tradition or approach, and share in the same degree of broad-mindedness regarding its theology, practice, etc.

Gatherings are understood to be a time for everyone to practice their tradition’s interpersonal ethics, e.g. virtue, right action, being. Conflicts, while inevitable do not divide members, but rather are opportunities for personal, spiritual, and collective growth.

There is a common understanding and acceptance, displayed through definition and use, of the word God. Whether it is as the one in all of us, the other that one worships and has relationship with, or the Source from which all arises: or any variation thereof.

You and the community agree on the primary manner and goals of spiritual practice, whether it is practice through intellectual understanding of religious doctrine, personal growth and healing through Spirit, mystic union with the Divine, service to others as God instructs, or some combination thereof.

You can identify personal and spiritual progress directly attributable to your involvement in the community. Rather then holding you down or back, the group’s collective wisdom and behavior move you forward on your own unique path.

Involvement in your spiritual community does not separate or isolate you from others outside of the group. Instead there is a sacralization that improves and strengthens relationships with friends, family, community, and the world at large.

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