Ten Signs of Living Heart and Soul

You feel you must participate in spiritual practice everyday and your life is more organized around your spiritual practice. The previous want to be spiritual has been replaced by the need to be spiritual.

You now feel a stronger faith, and apply it more often in your dealings with the world. More nonattached to the outcome of an effort, you trust that whatever happens is right and will lead to a positive outcome in the immediate or distant future.

Your positive worldview enables you to both feel deeply, and to allow negative thoughts and unpleasant feelings to pass away easily. You are more resilient, more easily adapting to circumstances or changes in your life that are beyond your control.

Stronger and more accurate intuition is frequently available, and you tend to use it more to make decisions, problem-solve, etc. You are no longer primarily reliant on reason and logic but now make greater use of your feelings and spiritual inspiration.

You adhere to a more righteous code of conduct. Even one envious feeling, diminishing thought, or irritable action is of concern because you are cognizant of its meaning, and of its negative impact on your soul and that of others.

Loving self-examination is understood to be a necessary part of your spiritual development. You are more responsible for your shadow side and have the means to recognize and work with those qualities and habits so your actions do no harm.

Associating it with your soul, you recognize a noticeable open-heartedness toward others that you did not feel before. You are more consistently warmer to others, and more easily extend understanding and kindness to them.

Sacrifice for the benefit of others is now more than an idealized virtue, and you more often act on your genuine wish for others to be happy. Less often advocating for yourself in competitive ways, you more often think and act in a win-win fashion in your dealings with people.

Your spiritual practice extends beyond the times of formal ritual, e.g. prayer, yoga, worship service. You more regularly think of and communicate with Spirit while engaged in your everyday activities to both honor and remain close to Spirit.

The need for connection with Spirit is strong, and you only feel like your genuine self when you are with Spirit. It is now unnecessary to consult Spirit in time of need because there is ongoing communion in which Spirit consistently guides you.

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