Ten Things to Consider About Happiness

Happiness is not always excited elated feelings but can include serious or even neutral feelings.

The most basic form of happiness is feeling satisfied one has acquired or accomplished what one wanted. This can come and go frequently depending on one’s successes.

A more fulfilling happiness comes from doing what is meaningful to you. This is characterized by being absorbed in the activity, not self-conscious, and in a flow state. Because true meaningful happiness is highly individualized and personal it may be contrary to societal or cultural definitions of success. But also because of this, true happiness is more resilient to typical setbacks and failures.

So it can be said, true happiness does not guarantee success, nor is success necessary for true happiness.

Spirituality is not required for basic or true meaningful happiness.

Spirituality provides its own form of happiness that comes from identifying with the transpersonal or spiritual self.

Divinely sacred and circumstantially unconditional love, peace, and joy arise from identification with this transpersonal self.

Spiritual happiness, not being contingent on one’s condition or situation, protects one from the damaging ways of the world, making it the most enduring of happiness.

However, spiritual happiness is contingent on the quality of relationship one has with Spirit or God.

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