Being Love in the World

Being Love in the World

The mystic path is one of being Divine love in the world, an approach to life that goes beyond individuality and personal gain to altruism, universal compassion, and improving the world and collective karma of all beings.

Choosing to be love in the world is hazardous to one’s ego and cannot be taken lightly. It requires that one’s attitude toward life be uniquely divergent from the unconsciousness, excess, and aggression of social-cultural conditioning.

One always remembers the magnificence of creation that one sees all around one in the world. Being love means loving the beauty in everything, not superficially but with care, warmth, and adoration. Loving as if it were Spirit itself one loves.

To prevent judgment and rejection of worldly experience one employs the principle that renouncing the world is accomplished through loving the world. Loving it for what it is, as it is, not for what it gives one personally.

One accepts, and even loves, the disappointments and other worldly pains experienced, allowing oneself to feel all the pain in one’s heart, because therein lies the truth from which one’s love and joy will resurrect one’s Divine self.

One resists dwelling on the lack of reciprocity of love one receives from the world, and instead remembers one loves unconditionally for and as Spirit. This may also involve disciplining oneself to immediately soothe and comfort one’s heartache, no matter how slight or foolish it appears, lest one remain in a state of suffering.

One’s Divine lovingness is of infinite quantity, and it is one’s to share. This is one’s good fortune, one’s good being. And it requires genuinely forgiving everyone and everything without reason, and doing so until your genuine lovingness returns.

Being love requires knowing the different types of love, from parental through filial, romantic, and universal, to divine. This helps one remember it is not oneself, but the Divine others are drawn to, thereby preventing ego inflation that results from others loving one because of one’s lovingness.

One consistently searches out and ascertains the truth of one’s desire to treat everyone and everything with love. This frequent examination and recalibration of beliefs and effort supports surrendering one’s individual heart and helps maintain identification with the Divine heart that loves all creation.

One remembers one is but a channel of the Divine, living out universal karma, playing one’s part, realizing one’s true self. One practices being grateful that one is blessed with being love as one’s purpose in life, for there is no greater calling.

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