It is the absolute formless and changeless that creates the constantly evolving objects in this and other worlds.

Even though greater and more powerful than consensus reality, that which has existed, exists, and will forever exist does not directly participate in worldly events.

Mistakenly understood as divine intervention, it is the absolute’s rules of a just existence that determine all causes and consequences in this world.

Though this mystery is ineffable and unknowable, as humans we are most intimate with it, sometimes from wisdom and sometimes from ignorance.

The search to know the mystery has given rise to metaphysical ambiguity in which diverse theologies have created the multiplicity of gods that people worship.

The origin of the gods, as well as their life and immortality are shaped by the power of human imagination and recollection.

In any given moment the gods in existence have less power over you than all other objects combined, sentient and not, in the cosmos.

It is for the gods as it is for us; everything in one’s life results from all the personal, worldly, and otherworldly events of existence.

Events are determined by the absolute’s rules of existence in conjunction with the individual action of all objects, sentient or not, godly or human, past and present.

Godliness is collaboration with the absolute formless and changeless, influenced by all objects of existence, resulting in one’s next moment, ad infinitum.

(For further information on this topic see Reconsider God in These Seven Ways)

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