Reflections on Divine Love


When as wide open as God’s,

Your heart holds the entire universe.


Divine love is a metaphor

for our oneness.

You, me, and God.


Divine love, never for another, is for all creation.


She walks with beauty,

               this Love of mine.

Kissing the sun,

               everyone her Beloved.


We don’t know one another.

We feel love for, and from one another.

Honestly, God is loving God in each other.


Let me love all as God wants all to be loved.


Insist if you must on Divine Love.

But only if you are willing to wait.

Human hearts and souls are shy,

requiring many lifetimes for that



God has placed o’s in my heart,

to accompany the x’s on my lips.

For everyone, and for you.


For all the times God approached you.

For all the times you sent God away.

Now, for those times, love for what is True.


God’s heart is for you.

I will try to bring it to you.



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