Pure Heart Principles

Absolute Reality, Spirit, or God is much more than Love, and cannot be reduced to it alone. It is our awareness that becomes Divine Love when we identify with Spirit, and love as God loves; and it is what we know as Pure Heart.

Pure Heart results from the disciplined practice of surrendering one’s will to the no-thinking mind of Spirit. Enlightened wisdom contained within transforms individual will and love to Pure Heart with its vast and spacious love for all.

Pure Heart does not experience beauty as a conclusion based on what pleases the senses but on perfection inherent in the truth that there is nondual harmony among the seemingly disparate objects of reality.

Recognizing beauty Pure Heart renounces the world by loving the world for what it is now, without having desires for it to be other than what it is. This is tantamount to a loving devotion to God.

In practice the ease, strength, and power of Pure Heart vary considerably according to one’s overall effort and spiritual maturation. Until individuality is thoroughly relinquished personal will is employed to love others and events as manifestations of Absolute Reality, Spirit, or God.

One works to eliminate everyday socially acceptable, but negative thoughts and speech like, “s/he looks terrible in that outfit”, or “I hate bullies”. These usually represent unaddressed personal issues and cause harm because they support separation and divisiveness rather than unity.

While practicing Pure Heart, the need to return to loving unconditionally may be signaled by an increase in worldly desires or the tendency to judge and criticize. For example, irritation might indicate one’s fears, dictating the need to resolve the feelings and center oneself in a presence characterized by warmth and holiness.

Similarly, sadness may be said to reveal a self-centered viewpoint requiring that one return to a Spirit-centered faith perspective. Doing so brings both relief and love-filled wisdom, and provides guidance on rightful actions to take next.

Loss and suffering associated with dark night of the soul results from desiring a return to one’s identification with Spirit. One uses these Pure Heart principles and practices to accept one’s condition apart from Spirit, and as the means to re-establish union with Spirit.

Pure Heart is an integral aspect of the spiritual companion experience. The love shared is both of, and for God, and is both projected onto, and received from the other. This relating epitomizes the Pure Heart practice of loving and giving to all creation.

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