Contemplation of Mystery, God, and Spirit

Fear is only an expectation.

Meet it with Love,

God does the rest.


If blessed with the opportunity to love unconditionally,

when the world has denied your wants,

or caused you harm,

Count yourself as one of the lucky few,

who has God as a close Friend.


Are we not all ignorance filling up on Truth!


When as wide open as God’s,

Your heart holds the entire universe.



Let me love all as God wants all to be loved.


Reading the map,

soulful ways come over me

Could this be the way home,

losing my mind to the sky?


Surrendering will means stillness speaks for you.


Can life have meaning without God?

Of course it can.

It is meaning without God that has no life.


Inspiration is an invitation from God.


Every way including down,

every way including out,

every way including dark,

Mind travels to awaken.


Your beauty overwhelms me,

I know angels sometimes do that.


Lose faith in the human race, and you yourself lose face.

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