Mysticism asks for nothing but God, for nothing else matters as much.

Mysticism is modest. The mystic makes no claims to powers, and all blessings received are returned to God.

Mysticism demands you give away all that you have; your self, all of your beliefs and possessions; your life.

Mysticism declares it will never act on its own behalf, personal actions are relinquished, and individuality is surrendered for the greater Being and Good.

Mysticism promises nothing in return but the present moment; and it consistently reminds you it is all any of us have, and all any of us need.

And if you are devoted, mysticism offers the hope, but absolutely no promise, that you will be blissfully intimate with God.

But mysticism is a fool’s errand unless you are committed to it. And if not you will never release your shadow attachments, and so will suffer repeated nights of the soul.

Mysticism, knowing the difficulty of the demands of being one with God, compassionately asks that you never give up pursuing the spiritual marriage with the Beloved.

Mysticism says love unconditionally. Love your fellow human being, the world and its madness, and the hardships that befall you; for each and every one of them is the God you wish to be near.

While mysticism is everyone’s destiny, through life and many deaths, its only purpose is to reveal God to the many, with the hope that humanity makes use of transcendental wisdom in a righteous way.



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