Your mind used to go merrily on its way and you believed everything it had to say. Whether good or bad, if you had the thought it was undoubtedly true; and you acted accordingly.

But then one day you discovered there was another mind stream to listen to, and it had something different to say about almost everything. Paying attention to it resulted in a new perspective on the world and yourself.

Using this observing ego you could now distinguish truth from fiction. Now you were sure your mind was logical, more in line with the truth. This helped you be more objective and effective in your dealings in the world.

You had become mindful, inwardly knowing yourself, your desires, emotions, and intentions. And outwardly you perceived the world with more certainty; your effect on others became obvious to you and their behavior made more sense. A new awareness had emerged.

Empowered with this development in your awareness you realized there was more to know about knowing. Wisdom had begun to reveal itself to you, and you felt something inside you that made you feel more than what you had been.

Now, psychological growth is an everyday part of your life. You live on a leading edge of personal discovery and have come into being your genuine and fulfilled self. You are living your destiny with uniquely personal beliefs, values, and behaviors. Now in your dealings with the world you are both “here in the moment” and fully yourself, you are present.

With more time you came to label yourself “spiritual” because of the new way you feel. You have begun to feel a part of something bigger, something from which all else originates. Frequently you feel peaceful, happier, more loving, and insightfully wise.

Your values have changed from self-satisfying and tribal to compassionate and altruistic. Now caring about others determines your decisions and actions more than personal gain or societal conditioning.

You have come to believe in the paradoxical nature of giving, that one receives when one gives to others. Your sacrifice of personal desires, and surrender of individual will have resulted in frequently loving others unconditionally. Now more than ever you feel at one with the Divine.

Your ability to be present in the world is now enhanced by this relationship with the Divine. You frequently feel reverence and devotion to God, and these sacred feelings are felt as holiness; and your Being brings God into the world. Now, your conscious awareness is one of Presence.





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