Serving the Divine Principle


To Serve God I

from the principles of surrender, sacrifice, devotion, gratitude, grace, love, and service associated with contemplative, intentional, and mystical practice

Ironically, serving others keeps your focus on yourself and the results of your work. And this can crowd out the Light, making you more susceptible to Darkness.

Serving the Divine Principle sustains the Light.

Maintain the presence of Spirit.

Dedicate all that you do to God.

Remember everything matters only as it pertains to the Divine Principle.

Avoid partnering in life with anyone but God.

Accept you will not change the world, no one person ever has.

Understand circumstances as the result of God’s will or law of consequences.

Accept what you do will not be of your own choosing but of God’s.

Accept you do not know what comes next or what the outcome will be.

Hold yourself, not others, accountable to virtue and altruism.

Accept suffering accompanies maturation of your divine nature. 


To Serve God II

principled actions of surrender, sacrifice, devotion, gratitude, grace, love, and service

Renouncing one’s individuality is both the personal sacrifice and blessing inherent in serving the Divine Principle in one’s lifetime. The dream of the mystic and saint, and a possibility for everyone who chooses, of being a Divine presence in the world.

Remind yourself daily of your vision to serve God.

Always discern the way something involves Spirit.

Perform every action with God on your mind.

Renounce all expectations you have of others.

Thank God for every moment being exactly as it should be.

Engage in Spirit directed acts of kindness.

Always give justice but never expect it from others.

Until accomplished strive to forgive another genuinely and completely.

Treat your moments of surrender as gifts to God.

Declare all life’s blessings and miracles possessions of God.


To Serve God III

awareness associated with surrender, sacrifice, devotion, gratitude, grace, love, and service

Variable in frequency and quality, a mind awakened by service to God is to be sustained and nurtured to an enlightenment revealing God’s Essence in the world. In truth, any resulting personal fulfillment or holiness is secondary. Serving God is about the righteous purposes of the Divine Principle.

You are preoccupied with thoughts of God.

You feel you fit with, and fill a need in all of existence.

Intentions are determined by other than the personal self.

Moments are characterized by an all-pervading patience.

Life is experienced as fresh and loving adventure.

Humbleness characterizes your thoughts and demeanor.

You trust efforts produce the right result even if expectations are not met.

Your being feels immortal.

You feel an affinity for all others.

You know you do not know.

serving the divine principle

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