Awareness-Agency Emergence (Part 2)

The contemporary mystic raises consciousness, living in a transpersonal to enlightened existence, or spending one’s life purposively seeking it. And, contemporary practice actively uses spiritual concepts and technologies from all traditions. And in doing so assesses the results of those technologies according to changes in awareness and agency. With spiritual emergence as the goal of mystic transformation, one attends to striving, purpose, and relationship with God Spirit Source, and with the goal of relinquishing all agency and replacing it with divine awareness. 

The Awareness-Agency Worksheet below is used to consider the relationship between one’s spiritual activities and specific types of awareness and agency (See Mystic Agency (Part 1) The worksheet is organized to help clarify, assess, and refine one’s spiritual practice. As such, it is also a means to clarify one’s psychospiritual development and wellbeing. The first page of the worksheet lists (illustrative) activities in relation to specific types of awareness and agency. Consciousness associated with, and defining elements of awareness are also included. The second page provides space in the activities column for the reader to be more specific, use terms from one’s personal worldview and theology, add one’s own practice activities, etc. Additionally, on each page there is a shaded space running across all columns for one to add the agency names one identified in the Agency Worksheet from Mystic Agency (Part 2) In general, the Awareness-Agency Worksheet is used by reflecting upon the intersection of the activity cells with the awareness-agency cells to provide one with an overview of one’s spiritual practice and psychospiritual goals. 

The limitless variety of spiritual practices in which one may engage is reflected in the Agency-Awareness Worksheet. This range is amplified further by the list below of the possible ways the worksheet may be approached. The reader is encouraged to consider these, though not limit oneself to them exclusively, especially if one intends to complete the worksheet in a personally meaningful way. Ultimately, it is best to decide on your own approach and see it through to completion, as this has the greater likelihood of revealing your truth. 

You can give the worksheet a quick reasoned-intuitive review, allowing any associations you have to provide some topics for contemplation. One might add agency names and write comments to oneself in the various cells. This can help determine what your practice is naturally focused upon. 

You could check or list activities that you engage in, their frequency, and the awareness-agency you associate with them. You might want to only check or fill in activities that occur to a standard that you set for yourself. For example, meditation is counted only if you do it daily or weekly for a specific amount of time. One might then consider if those practices are yielding the results you seek. 

One might approach the worksheet by placing a plus sign if the activity is one you have engaged in during a past specified amount of time, and it was beneficial to your practice. One can place a minus sign if the activity was engaged in but did not yield a result you value. One might place a zero in a cell if the activity has not been engaged in for some time, but it is one you believe has utility.

You might look over your preferred activities and consider how they contribute to your general sense of wellbeing and happiness, no matter how you define them. This can also serve to clarify the role of spirituality in your life.

You might simply check or list the activities you believe are the essence of your active relationship with God Spirit Source. Then reflect on the agency that is emphasized in your practice, as well as the awareness experienced. 

Recognizing that an individual activity may be used for different awareness or agency objectives, you can determine if you should modify the manner in which you are engaged in the activity. Ask yourself what type of awareness or agency you seek, and assess if your worksheet assessment supports your goals. 

Consider taking a historical approach, using the worksheet to document the past year, past two months, or even a lifetime (summary). And/or use the worksheet to set intentions for the future, considering what activities are needed for you to advance your practice.

Remember that this worksheet is based on a contemporary mystic practice grounded in the Transmodern Spirituality paradigm. A simpler and less developed version of which is outlined in Overview of the Transmodern Spirituality Paradigm ( ). And even though the paradigm’s priority is on mystic union with divinity, because it emphasizes, consciousness, awareness, and agency it lends itself well to understanding all spiritual traditions whether or not they are practiced in the mystic way. As such, it can help one not only clarify and refine one’s own spiritual practice, but can improve one’s ability to understand others’ traditions and practices. And because it is a psychospiritual model, with the incorporation of principles from traditional psychology, it is helpful in considering one’s overall wellbeing, physically, psychologically, spiritually.

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