Beginner’s Awakened Mind

Having fallen in love with Consciousness you fell in love with the true self, the Oneself, and your ego-self ceased to exist. Though not enlightened, you now know you will intermittently experience the world through emptiness as the witness.

You now have experiences in which the boundaries between you and the world are diminished. And while not looking at anything in particular you observe all objects simultaneously as separate and simultaneously as one, while feeling all as the vast spaciousness that is everything.

At these times of witnessing, you experience a depth, release, and infinite freedom resulting in profound peace and complete absence of fear. This results in you being more patient with circumstances and with others, and is experienced as watching life unfold before you.

Awareness is now beyond mindfulness, and you frequently project a presence that radiates benevolence and love. Others respond to this by feeling more at ease, loved, and freer to be themselves. At these times you bring others a taste of the Divine.

In conversations, without reflection you spontaneously speak wisdom that is not reasonably attributable to you. As it is channeled through you, its validity is felt as certain, and you notice the information it contains resonates with others. And it is most always pragmatically effective for the circumstances.

In difficult or conflictive interpersonal situations, in ways you could not have logically conceived or claimed personal ownership, your actions are spontaneously compassionate and beneficial for everyone involved. 

At times a voice rises up in you declaring loving feelings you have for the person with whom you are interacting. This does not happen only with those with whom you are close but with strangers, people you know only casually, colleagues, etc. Divinely loving and unconditional, this love arises from, and reminds you there is no separation between you and others.

Now, more than ever before there are times of beauty when the world radiates its light and you are absorbed in its splendor, knowingly absorbed in the numinous true self. Your experience is of silence and stillness as you settle into an infinite field of openness and eternal nowness.

Occasionally you experience your being as a trance-like state of remaining awake while in deep sleep. In this emptiness awareness you witness your original self by being It. And you expect there will be other extraordinary consciousness/awareness experiences you have yet to experience as you continue on your path.

You know and trust that as you live in time and space, with all experience coming and going, in which all objects arise and pass, the pure witness remains even when/if you regress to a lesser state of awareness. Your spiritual practice is now centered on sustaining and/or returning to this state of awareness until it remains your primary stage of awareness, and eventually gives way to enlightenment.

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