Mind Ways

Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs your mind frequently moves from one topic to another. Usually not concentrating well enough to problem solve, only enough to be bothersome about something important you must decide, or do in the future. Worse, if your mind has decided to revisit the past, endless replays tend to dominate, sometimes with picture, sometimes with sound. Always with feeling, frequently unsettling, always a nuisance. 

So unless it is time to reason your way through to solution on these topics move your mind to your spirituality. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it. Repeat a religious idea or slogan, pray a prayer repeatedly, breathe the deepness of meditation, observe the world as God’s creation, or as part of yourself. The possibilities are endless, and are determined by your spirituality and what it means to you. And you can do this anywhere, anytime. And it will lower your worry, improve your peace of mind, and enhance your mindfulness.

However, if the topic is of utmost importance, needing the best possible response or solution, consider turning to contemplation. With the meditative or prayerful mind hold the topic as a question. Let it repeat endlessly until spirit reveals the way for you to think about it or act upon it. Upon doing so, assess the guidance primarily according to its beneficence to others, not to yourself. Though there may not be reward for you personally, it is certain that you and others involved, will always be brought closer to God. Making this always the perfect solution.

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