One Perfect Om is the companion site to No Perfect Om and provides ordered listings regarding personal success, meaning, and spiritual development. The principles and practical suggestions presented are based on Transmodern Spirituality, a model that integrates traditional, modern, and postmodern perspectives on consciousness and awareness, personal growth and happiness, and spiritual development and practice. The reader is encouraged to read the Overview of the Transmodern Spirituality Paradigm on No Perfect Om for an in-depth description of this approach. One may also want to read about the Transmodern Spirituality Network offered through Meetup to become better acquainted with the topics and issues this approach can address. And if interested, please become a member of the network and attend our meetings. No Perfect Om provides support for those committed to these existential and spiritual goals.

I, Robert A. Reimondi, M.A., am a psychospiritual philosopher, teacher, and guide offering individual and group spiritual consultation and classes to help one achieve one’s goals. On No Perfect Om you will find short blogs and archived reflections, essays, and in-depth articles meant to serve one’s self-examination and personal and spiritual growth. There are also two descriptions of me and my approach to spiritual guidance on the pages entitled About and Transmodern Spiritual Life Consultation.

I am a retired licensed psychologist from Vermont with over forty years clinical experience. During those years I have also served as adjunct faculty at a number of colleges in Vermont as well as at the University of Vermont. I have been on a spiritual path learning from various traditions for over thirty-five years, learning from Christian, Buddhist, Sufi, Native American, New Age, Hindu, and Direct Path approaches. Transpersonal Psychology has provided me the means to integrate these traditions with philosophy, alternative healing practices, and psychology as I have pursued a mystical spiritual path. Continuing to teach others, serve others in their personal and spiritual quests, and being the best human being I can be remain the focus of my mystical path.

Consider individual consultation, classes, or small group participation (Real Life Conversations offered through the Transmodern Spirituality Network) if you are seeking guidance to improve your present success, to develop genuine personal happiness, or want to strengthen your spiritual fulfillment. The latter involves the refinement of your spiritual practice which may include, but is not limited to setting spiritual goals, reconciling conflicting beliefs, integrating spiritual moments, and overcoming challenges to spiritual growth. See Consultation Services for more details.

Robert A. Reimondi, M.A.                  (438) 498-9549          email: noperfectom@videotron.ca

204 Saint-Sacrement       Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1W5

Video call consultations using Doxy.me are also available.