Higher Consciousness in Six Hundred Forty Words

The following description of consciousness is written from the Transmodern Spirituality perspective. And done so intentionally without reference to God or Spirit. Readers should feel free to add them if they wish. Over millennia, philosophy, science, religion, and spiritual traditions have studied human consciousness and have distinguished ordinary from higher consciousness. The mind is considered […]

Five Categories of Awareness

This essay describes different states of mind ranging from basic to ultimate. To do so, a distinction is made between consciousness and awareness. Consciousness is being defined as the information operating in one’s mind that gives rise to awareness, the experience one has interacting with reality. And, it is by knowing the depth and complexity […]

Toward Faith

Metaphysics and spirituality come together in the mystical principle of alchemy. When purifying some personal trait, bringing oneself to perfection, every last bit of untruth will be revealed to you. It is paramount to remove all of these aspects of separation from God that stand in the way of mystical union. And mystics embrace this […]

Consider God in These Seven Ways

God is an unknown Source and Substance that has created everything, and continuously creates in all spheres of existence. When God remembers and interacts with its creations, the Spirit of God is considered to be active. Everything that exists is a manifestation of God, but everything is not God, only an aspect of God in […]

Benefits of Raising Consciousness

The greatest thing about raising your consciousness is that you are gifted, some would say blessed, with the qualities of the universal force from which we all originate. Think of it as inheriting the qualities of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. We first come to know, and then live them as humanly wisdom, power, and love […]

The Mystical Covenant

First and foremost, life is inherently meaningless. There is no one purpose in life based on one valid understanding of reality that applies to everyone. Ironically, this also means life offers each and every one of us an infinite number of ways to find meaning in life and give it purpose. This diversity of meaning […]

Serving the Divine Principle

  To Serve God I from the principles of surrender, sacrifice, devotion, gratitude, grace, love, and service associated with contemplative, intentional, and mystical practice Ironically, serving others keeps your focus on yourself and the results of your work. And this can crowd out the Light, making you more susceptible to Darkness. Serving the Divine Principle sustains the […]


Your mind used to go merrily on its way and you believed everything it had to say. Whether good or bad, if you had the thought it was undoubtedly true; and you acted accordingly. But then one day you discovered there was another mind stream to listen to, and it had something different to say […]


Mysticism asks for nothing but God, for nothing else matters as much. Mysticism is modest. The mystic makes no claims to powers, and all blessings received are returned to God. Mysticism demands you give away all that you have; your self, all of your beliefs and possessions; your life. Mysticism declares it will never act […]