Mind Ways

Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs your mind frequently moves from one topic to another. Usually not concentrating well enough to problem solve, only enough to be bothersome about something important you must decide, or do in the future. Worse, if your mind has decided to revisit the past, endless replays tend to dominate, […]

Beginner’s Awakened Mind

Having fallen in love with Consciousness you fell in love with the true self, the Oneself, and your ego-self ceased to exist. Though not enlightened, you now know you will intermittently experience the world through emptiness as the witness. You now have experiences in which the boundaries between you and the world are diminished. And […]

Pray as You Want, but Pray in the Now

Pray as you want, or don’t pray at all. Meditate, chant, sing, cite poetry or do none of it. But if you do, sometimes consider using the following technique of doing it in the present moment. Not in some future oriented, often petitionary way; and not in some grateful manner or attempt at worship which […]

Awareness-Agency Emergence (Part 2)

The contemporary mystic raises consciousness, living in a transpersonal to enlightened existence, or spending one’s life purposively seeking it. And, contemporary practice actively uses spiritual concepts and technologies from all traditions. And in doing so assesses the results of those technologies according to changes in awareness and agency. With spiritual emergence as the goal of […]

Awareness-Agency Emergence (Part 1)

The Transmodern Spirituality paradigm presents a contemporary mysticism practice based on reflection, meditation, contemplation, and action. The practice requires that one monitor striving, purpose, and one’s experiences and relationship with divinity. While attending to awareness-agency the mystic is able to develop, assess, and facilitate spiritual emergence according to their own personal theology. This essay expands […]

Mystic Agency (Part 2)

To elaborate further upon consciousness/awareness through the concept of agency, the following limited definitions are offered. Limited in scope, they are meant to serve as prompts for your own associations to the terms. The Human Mind-conditioned is the personal mind shaped by unconscious bodily and societal forces.  The Human Mind-mythological is the mind that expresses a true and personally meaningful […]

Mystic Agency (Part 1)

Mysticism’s emphasis on consciousness and its resulting awareness brings together metaphysics and spirituality. Consciousness adheres to, and reflects the principles of existence, and awareness informs us of the type of consciousness operating in the mind at any given time. By monitoring changes in one’s awareness, we are able to determine one’s spiritual development and functioning; […]

Higher Consciousness in Six Hundred Forty Words

The following description of consciousness is written from the Transmodern Spirituality perspective. And done so intentionally without reference to God or Spirit. Readers should feel free to add them if they wish. Over millennia, philosophy, science, religion, and spiritual traditions have studied human consciousness and have distinguished ordinary from higher consciousness. The mind is considered […]

Five Categories of Awareness

This essay describes different states of mind ranging from basic to ultimate. To do so, a distinction is made between consciousness and awareness. Consciousness is being defined as the information operating in one’s mind that gives rise to awareness, the experience one has interacting with reality. And, it is by knowing the depth and complexity […]

Toward Faith

Metaphysics and spirituality come together in the mystical principle of alchemy. When purifying some personal trait, bringing oneself to perfection, every last bit of untruth will be revealed to you. It is paramount to remove all of these aspects of separation from God that stand in the way of mystical union. And mystics embrace this […]