Your mind used to go merrily on its way and you believed everything it had to say. Whether good or bad, if you had the thought it was undoubtedly true; and you acted accordingly. But then one day you discovered there was another mind stream to listen to, and it had something different to say […]


Mysticism asks for nothing but God, for nothing else matters as much. Mysticism is modest. The mystic makes no claims to powers, and all blessings received are returned to God. Mysticism demands you give away all that you have; your self, all of your beliefs and possessions; your life. Mysticism declares it will never act […]

Pure Heart Principles

Absolute Reality, Spirit, or God is much more than Love, and cannot be reduced to it alone. It is our awareness that becomes Divine Love when we identify with Spirit, and love as God loves; and it is what we know as Pure Heart. Pure Heart results from the disciplined practice of surrendering one’s will […]


Godliness It is the absolute formless and changeless that creates the constantly evolving objects in this and other worlds. Even though greater and more powerful than consensus reality, that which has existed, exists, and will forever exist does not directly participate in worldly events. Mistakenly understood as divine intervention, it is the absolute’s rules of […]

Being Love in the World

Being Love in the World The mystic path is one of being Divine love in the world, an approach to life that goes beyond individuality and personal gain to altruism, universal compassion, and improving the world and collective karma of all beings. Choosing to be love in the world is hazardous to one’s ego and […]

Sacrificing the Self

Spiritual development and growth require that one make many sacrifices. And none seems greater than the sacrifice of one’s self for the betterment of others and the world. Often misunderstood as depriving oneself and giving to others when it hurts oneself, sacrifice is best understood as relinquishing one’s individuality to a universal spiritual identity. Sacrifice […]

Surrendering One’s Will

Spiritual teachings emphasize transcending the ego, an aspect of which is surrendering one’s will. This is not to be confused with not making an effort or being indiscriminately compliant in situations, but rather is relinquishing one’s sole reliance on the logically rational mind. The dominant voice in one’s head is first recognized, and then considered […]

Renouncing the World

Along with surrendering one’s will and sacrificing one’s self, renouncing the world is one of three major ways to further one’s spiritual development. Renouncing the world is not accomplished by rejecting the world but rather by loving the world. Loving it for what it is, as it is, not for what it gives one personally. […]