Surrendering One’s Will

Spiritual teachings emphasize transcending the ego, an aspect of which is surrendering one’s will. This is not to be confused with not making an effort or being indiscriminately compliant in situations, but rather is relinquishing one’s sole reliance on the logically rational mind. The dominant voice in one’s head is first recognized, and then considered […]

Renouncing the World

Along with surrendering one’s will and sacrificing one’s self, renouncing the world is one of three major ways to further one’s spiritual development. Renouncing the world is not accomplished by rejecting the world but rather by loving the world. Loving it for what it is, as it is, not for what it gives one personally. […]

From Grace and Back

Abiding in faith one lives life from one’s true nature. This means worldly success and happiness is not defined in the same way as it is for others. If one is spiritual one lives life by different rules determined by spiritual principles. And in doing so is living as soul in the world. Identification and […]

Spiritual Path as Transformation of Conditioned Reality

Regardless of one’s tradition, using a framework of wanting, giving (which together comprise doing), and being to assess and monitor one’s spiritual development can serve to guide one toward one’s spiritual goals. These concepts work well with behaviorally observable operations of thinking, feeling, and acting making it relatively easy for one to evaluate one’s individual […]

Ten Things to Consider About Happiness

Happiness is not always excited elated feelings but can include serious or even neutral feelings. The most basic form of happiness is feeling satisfied one has acquired or accomplished what one wanted. This can come and go frequently depending on one’s successes. A more fulfilling happiness comes from doing what is meaningful to you. This […]

Beginner’s Awakened Mind

Having fallen in love with Consciousness you fell in love with the true Self, the Oneself, and your ego self ceased to exist. Though not enlightened you now know you will intermittently experience the world through Emptiness as the Witness. You now have experiences in which the boundaries between you and the world are diminished, […]

Ten Signs of Living Heart and Soul

You feel you must participate in spiritual practice everyday and your life is more organized around your spiritual practice. The previous want to be spiritual has been replaced by the need to be spiritual. You now feel a stronger faith, and apply it more often in your dealings with the world. More nonattached to the […]

Ten Aspects of One’s Personal Mythology

Mythology reveals the existential aspect of the human mind and of human experience. And it does so primarily through novels, movies, fables, poetry, music, religious teachings, folklore, art, and legends. Mythology is not fiction but rather stories that teach us who we are as human beings in all the varied ways one can live life […]