Cessation of Thought

Cessation of thought in everyday life is not the same as not-thinking in meditation. And it is not spacing out, being in awe, or being lost in reverie. Nor is it being without any mental faculty, for how long can that really work? It is a suspension of reasoning without becoming unreasonable. It is the […]

Ten Common Pitfalls of Spiritual Practice

With all the helpful information on what and how to practice, developing spiritually seems straightforward and easily achieved when in actuality it is not. There comes a time when one must go beyond what some refer to as a secular spirituality; feeling better about oneself and getting what one wants in life. If one does […]

Six Indications Your Spiritual Community is Right for You

All members of the community identify with the stated religious or spiritual tradition or approach, and share in the same degree of broad-mindedness regarding its theology, practice, etc. Gatherings are understood to be a time for everyone to practice their tradition’s interpersonal ethics, e.g. virtue, right action, being. Conflicts, while inevitable do not divide members, […]

Ten Ways to Use Prayer

Resist praying when you want something from God. Have faith God already knows what you want and need, and it will come your way when the time is right. Pray repetitively those prayers that touch your spirit. Mantras, chants, aphorisms, poetry, all words of beauty and truth will do. Because it is a better thing […]

Consider These Ten Things About Your Dreams

We all dream whether we remember them or not. Set your intention to remember when going to sleep, lie still upon awakening and ask yourself what was happening before you realized you were awake. Write down the dream before getting out of bed. Dream fragments have value and should not be ignored. Always approach your […]