Benefits of Raising Consciousness

The greatest thing about raising your consciousness is that you are gifted, some would say blessed, with the qualities of the universal force from which we all originate. Think of it as inheriting the qualities of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. We first come to know, and then live them as humanly wisdom, power, and love respectively. The second most important benefit of raising consciousness is that your identity evolves, changing who you are as a human being. Your actions develop from “getting and keeping” to “giving and loving”, and then to “being”. The last significant benefit of raised consciousness is that it simply makes things better. For you, everyone and everything. 

The following are the benefits of raised consciousness organized according to the three categories of identity and action noted above. 

Even as you raise your consciousness beyond ordinary and integral, the individual mind remains focused on “getting and keeping” for itself. And the resulting awareness contributes to your life in the following ways: improved physical health and wellbeing, greater calm, increased self-acceptance and esteem, and improved self-awareness and mindfulness. Additionally, one’s creative and psychic abilities increase, one’s relationships are enhanced, and there may even be greater material abundance. 

With unity consciousness you experience oneness. And this generates a “giving” personality whose rejoicing in benefit to others is its greatest reward. Guided by universal wisdom, loving unconditionally is more important than receiving love, and others’ needs are put before your own. Accompanying this is an unwavering reliance on universal power to provide for, and sustain one’s life and spirit. With this unitive awareness comes the unintended feelings of freedom, inner peace, and bliss. And these, with the other qualities mentioned, reveal to all the magnificence of the universal force, offering hope in a challenging world.

“Being” is having gone from “part of it all” to the unitive “being with it all” to “being it all”. With your true nature re-established as universal, as non-dual awareness you know everything, are a power second to none, and exist everywhere. Spontaneously and naturally, you behave without conscious volition, being in the now. And the benefit of this beatifically peaceful enlightenment is not having an interest in, or concern about the benefits. This liberation, grounded in no-separation, is the universe on the leading edge of self-expression. And you are it. One is universal life, and this true-life cannot be taken away.

Two final notes on the benefit of raised consciousness. Paradoxically, the less one seeks to raise one’s consciousness for personal gain, the greater the likelihood consciousness will be transformed into an eternal universal life that is resilient, enduring, and thrives. Second, on this journey it is imperative we remember, that while all is usually made better, there is always the risk things can be made worse if teachings and insights are misunderstood or misapplied. Raising consciousness is an evolving trial and error process requiring self-examination, discipline, and courage.

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